Things You Need To Know About Your Next Mortgage

If you’re thinking about buying a new home, there are things that you need to know about getting your next mortgage. I had a chance to chat with Max Singh, who is an experienced and knowledgeable Broker with The Mortgage Group here in Calgary.

Max PictureMax Signature

Can you tell me why it’s important for buyers to get pre-approved as soon they can, before they even start looking at buying a new home?  

Why is it beneficial for some people to buy a home with only 5% down?

So once you’re pre-approved you’re guaranteed a specific interest rate, and that must be good news for someone looking for a new mortgage right now? 

What is the upside for putting more money down for a downpayment? 

How does CMHC work? 

When is CMHC not needed when getting a new mortgage? 

How do you pay the CMHC premium? 

So there are options for people getting a new mortgage. How can you help?

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