5 Things You Need To Know About Home Insurance

You probably already know how important Home Insurance is when it comes to protecting you and your family, but there are some things that you might not be aware of.

Wade Cormier is an Associate Insurance/Financial Advisor with The Co-operators Rocky View Insurance Services in Airdrie, and I had a chance to catch-up with Wade and find out more about some things that you really should know about your insurance.

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Wade Cormier – Associate Insurance/Financial Advisor
The Co-operators Rocky View Insurance Services
p)403-948-1195     e)wade_cormier@cooperators.ca

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1. When someone is looking to get home insurance, what are some of the first things to keep in mind?  


2. How are insurance premiums decided? 


3. If someone owns a condo and they have tenants in the unit, do they still need insurance?  Can an owner get added coverage for their condo? 


 4. I know that “Liability Insurance” is very important for home owners, but is it more than just “slipping on the ice in someones driveway”?  


5. Once you have purchased home insurance, how does a person make sure their policy is up-to-date with the coverage they need for years to come?  What about expensive and very personal items in a home…do they need special coverage?  Any other advise about keeping your policy accurate? 


Wade has been in the industry now for years and has seen many changes, so I ask him if there’s any new benefits available for clients? 



If you have any questions about Real Estate in the Calgary and Airdrie area, please call me today!

Bruce Voigt – Realtor

RE/MAX Rocky View Real Estate





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