Facts About Foreclosures

Foreclosure in Alberta can be a very involved and confusing process, not to mention the stress and anxiety that goes along with it. Unfortunately, it has become a reality for many home owners in the Calgary area. We had an opportunity to sit down with Jeff Kahane from Kahane Law in Calgary and learn more about Foreclosures and what a home owner can do to help understand the process.


Jeff  is one of Calgary’s Top Real Estate lawyers and has vast experience with Foreclosures. 

Kahane Law Office provides legal assistance on as many as almost 300 real estate transactions in a single month, and they have been responsible for well over a billion dollars worth of transactions.

What is Foreclosure
Can a Home Owner still sell their home if they are going into or already in Foreclosure?
How long does a home owner have to sell their home?
What is the process of Foreclosure?
What can you tell me about insured mortgages and how they work?
Who pays the costs of Foreclosure?
Do you have advice for anyone that might be facing Foreclosure?
How can people reach you or your team of professionals at Kahane Law?

If you would like more information about Foreclosures, or any other legal advice about Real Estate, call Jeff today!

Ph: (403) 812-0373Kahane3

Toll Free: 800-910-7209



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  1. If you don’t understand what foreclosures mean or how it works, then I think you should read this article Facts About Foreclosures. After reading this, you will be able to understand; if not, then text me.


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