COVID-19 & The Calgary Market

Many things have changed in our world over the last several months with COVID-19, and you might be wondering how its affected the Real Estate market in Calgary.

If we look at the YEAR-TO-DATE numbers total sales are down 25.63% for the year so far, compared to the same time last year. These numbers were affected because of very slow sales in April and reduced sales in May. Prices are down 1.22% from a year ago, and Days On Market is about the same(from 60 day average last year to 58 days this year) BLOG2


When we look at the monthly stats, 1080 homes were SOLD in Calgary in May, compared to 1915 homes for the same time a year ago.        BLOG1

It seems like there is more confidence in the market over the last couple of weeks and there has been some increased activity. If this continues, we could see the Spring market(which is normally when things really pick-up)happen over the next several months.

Now having said that, things could change very quickly if the number of COVID cases increases dramatically, or if we get into the fall months and flu/cold season hits again and there are a big number of cases.

If you have any questions about these stats, or you would like to buy or sell a home in the Calgary area, please call me today!

Bruce Voigt – REALTOR
MaxWell Canyon Creek
(403) 620-2685





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